Your time is valuable. We feel it is rude to schedule you for an office consultation, only to hand you a questionnaire to then spend 15 minutes completing it prior to starting your meeting with Randy. It is equally unprofessional for him to have a phone or Skype consultation with you prior to having all the facts needed to fully advise you. So by having you complete this questionnaire in advance, you can get the most out of your free consultation with Randy. The information below will help him tell you if he sees any problems with your planned adoption and what your legal fees are projected to be. It also gives him the information needed to prepare your needed legal documents should you go forward.

This questionnaire is paperless. Just fill in the fields below and send it in to Randy by clicking "submit." If you have a hard time with entering the Verification Code at the bottom, please know it is not case sensitive (meaning it does not matter if you enter a lower case or capital letter - we know sometimes it is hard to tell them apart - just so you get the letter right).

Randy prides himself in being very, very fast in returning calls and emails, so you should hear from him withiin one business day. If you do not, however, please feel free to follow up with by phone or email.

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